Uganda: The Pearl of Africa

Do you enjoy the wildlife of Australia? The outdoor adventure of New Zealand? The scenery of Bali? Uganda should be your next stop! 

This often-overlooked country offers more than Gorilla trekking. Driving through the countryside, you will see bright red clay earth juxtaposed by lush green rainforest, banana trees galore, coffee and tea plantations, kids waving excitedly with both hands to greet your vehicle as you round the corner, the towering Rwenzori Mountains flanked by crater lakes formed thousands of years ago and so much more beauty.

A few of my favorite moments in Uganda: 

  1. Queen Elizabeth National Park: Home of the tree climbing lions. But I wasn’t expecting: Leopards lazing in trees, large tusker elephants silently grazing and a lion pride attempting a hunt and settling in for mating road-side. The sweeping  green vistas and the Rwenzori mountain backdrop making idyllic scenery for photographs. 
  2. Kazinga Channel Cruise: Our Land Cruisers pulled up to what appeared to be an escarpment but on the other side was our 60-passenger boat parked in lily pads waiting to show us the magic that lays between Lake Edward and Lake George on a 20-mile stretch known as the Kazinga Channel. Home to more than 5,000 hippos, a traditional fishing village, elephants, crocodiles large and small and a variety of birdlife that will appeal to any twitcher, the Kazinga channel was a lovely and relaxing afternoon spent on the water with an ice cold Nile Beer in hand and a camera in the other. 
  3. Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking: We can’t overlook the initial draw to Uganda, the magnificent primates. These experiences are both so special and unique that choosing a favorite is near impossible. The experience is everything and more that you imagine it to be. I don’t want to spoil your magic with my own stories so I will leave you with this: This is an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

Needless to say, I smiled until my cheeks hurt, danced until I was out of breath and waved until my arms were tired. But I am not the only one to experience this epic country. The industry has realized its capacity for growth and I expect you will hear much more about Uganda in 5-10 years as established luxury brands are scoping out land and opportunity. The prices will rise and now is your time to get in and take advantage of the amazing value and experience the pure and unadulterated Uganda!