Discover the Magic of a Kenya Safari

Kenya is located in East Africa. Full of beauty, culture and amazing wildlife, Kenya is a popular destination. From snow-capped mountains and harsh deserts to dense forests and the lush tropical coastline of the Indian Ocean. This versatile and vibrant land is the perfect place for an adventure. Wildlife is abundant in Kenya and perfect for a Kenya safari, including all of the Big 5- lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant! You’ll also find such animals as hyenas, zebras, wildebeest, antelope (just to name a few).Leopard in a tree - Campi ya Kanzi - Visit Kenya
A vigilant leopard keeps an eye on its observers. Image: Campi ya Kanzi

Did you know Kenya is considered a year-round destination for safari? That said, the best time for travelling Kenya is from January through March. This time of year, the climate is mild and game viewing is at its best. That said, the rainy season isn’t the worst time to visit, as there are fewer crowds and you can take advantage of off-season rates. If you’re looking to witness the Great Migration, the rainy season is the time to be there, as the herds are just making their way into Kenya and to the lush plains of the Mara.

Lion hunting wildebeest - Mara Plains Camp - Visit Kenya
Predator-prey relationships are always on display here. Image: Mara Plains Camp

While visiting Kenya,  make sure to soak up the culture that surrounds you. The Maasai, Samburu, Turkana, Swahili, and the Kikuyu are all amazing cultures continuing to maintain their traditions as the modern world moves ever closer. You’ll find that there are over 60 spoken languages in Kenya and many people speak more than one. Kenyan culture is steeped in music and stories, used to pass on history and customs from generation to generation. With beautiful culture usually comes delicious cuisine. Kenyan cuisine stresses freshness, most ingredients are fresh and easy to use. Veggies like kale, cabbage, tomato, beans, and potatoes are commonly used, as well as beef and goat meat. Fruits are something you’ll find on most any table, including mangoes, oranges, pineapples, and bananas. Rice, corn meal, wheat and millet flour are also common in many dishes. Are you hungry yet?

Maasai warrior on a hill - Campi ya Kanzi - Visit Kenya
A lone Maasai warrior in his traditional red blanket. Image: Campi ya Kanzi

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