Tanzania, Chem Chem Lodges – Kids Stay at Half Price

Be it Chem Chem Lodge or Little Chem Chem, both luxurious eco-sanctuaries, you will feel stress slip away. The reasons are limitless…

It could be the boundless skies. Perhaps it’s those majestic clouds billowing on the horizon. Maybe the taste of African dust on a bushwalk or the scent of elephants ambling along ancient paths.

The lodge and camp are located on an exclusive wildlife concession between the expansive Tarangire National Park in the east and tranquil Lake Manyara to the west. Whether on foot, in a game viewing vehicle, or relaxing at the lodge or camp, this extraordinary location offers you exceptional experiences. No other lodges or residences share this land, ensuring your privacy is guaranteed right down to your superb dining experiences.

Kids Stay at Half Price

  • Applicable for children 8-16 years old
  • Based on child sharing adults’ room
  • 2 children sharing their own suite: 1st child is full adult price, 2nd child is 50% off