Mobile Camping in Tanzania

Hello, Ellen here! I used to think sleeping in tents equaled sleeping on the cold ground with no bathroom or the comforts of home. My views on tents were forever changed when I experienced private, tented mobile camping in the middle of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Not all tents are created equal!  

Mobile camping is safari at its purest form. Imagine relaxing in your own private bush camp (complete with private chef, butler, and tent attendant) while listening to the lions and hyenas under the stars. Your tent has its own bed, bathroom, toilet, and private shower. To me, there is nothing better!



Mobile camping, though luxurious, is certainly meant for the adventurer-at-heart. Enter bucket showers! Bucket showers are showers that utilize a “bucket” of heated water attached to the outside of your tent, providing roughly 5 minutes of hot water that comes out from a shower head (so no, you aren’t just pouring a bucket of water over your head!). While it was certainly a unique shower, the fact that I could have a hot shower in the middle of the bush certainly felt like “glamping” to me!

Another thing to keep in mind is how remote you are, and this often means animals at your doorstep. I woke up one morning to find an elephant outside my tent! Not to worry, though—I was always escorted to and from my tent, and safety was always of the utmost importance. 



When you’re not at your campsite, you can expect to enjoy private game drives throughout the “endless plains” of Serengeti National Park. For a unique adventure, you can add on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. I highly recommend exploring other areas of Tanzania to round out your experience. You can also tack on an island destination or another country such as Kenya if you have the time.

From incredible meals cooked just to my liking (and to my laundry list of allergies) to unzipping the top of my tent to see the stars from my bed, the mobile camping experience was absolutely incredible! Mobile camping is an authentic safari experience that any nature lover, photographer, or adventurer should not miss out on.

Are you interested in a mobile camping adventure in East Africa? Give me a call at 888-367-0933 (ask for Ellen) and I would love to help you plan your trip! You can also use our trip planner to browse custom vacation packages in Tanzania and Kenya.