Shannon Bradley

Marketing and Sales Champion

Shannon Bradley - Giraffe Manor, Nairobi Kenya - Feeding Giraffes - Kenya Safari Travel Agents

My Story
After getting my MBA in marketing and spending 20+ years in wireless and technology, I decided to open my own Jazzercise Fitness Centers in the Chicago area. At one point, I owned the 8th largest franchise in the world, but then I got kind of bored and kind of broke. Through networking with business friends, I met Corinne, our owner, in 2012, and have been here ever since!

My Style of Travel
Well, I am not going to lie, I am a bit of a snob and like more comfort and luxury. I do enjoy nature and being active, but at night, I want a fireplace, a glass of wine, and a comfy bed. For example, in Cape Town, you are more likely to find me in the Winelands than hiking Table Mountain. I also consider my flights part of the journey and prefer business class when possible.

Favorite Destinations
South Luangwa in Zambia, The Winelands in South Africa, Savute Game Reserve in Botswana, Wolvedans in Namibia.

Travel Tip
One of the reasons I love South Luangwa in Zambia is their partnership between the local community and the game reserves.  I recommend coupling a stay in the park (I love Robin Pope’s properties) so that you can do a walking safari and then spend a day in Mfuwe, visit Tribal Textiles, go to the South Luangwa Project.  It really gives you a feel for how business can support the local community.

Most Memorable Experience
Oh boy…picture this…sunset in the Savute Game Reserve in Botswana.  We are at watering hole with maybe 5-6 big bull elephants.  A pride of 5 lioness and about 5 baby lions are approaching the watering hole.  We watched as these ellies chased off the lions and then the lions lined up at the watering hole. OR in Katavi National Park at night.  There is a dead hippo in the river that a group of lions are trying to feed on, two crocodiles are approaching the hippo, one of the lions picks up her paw and WHACKS the croc across the top of his head, the croc backed off.

I don’t leave home without…..My Packing App.  I am a horrible packer (aka…I always pack too much), but after having done a lot of trips overseas, I have found that using a Packing App really helps me organize and not forget anything.  I like Pack Point, if you pay for the upgraded version, you can create your own custom packing templates to make sure you never forget anything.

When I’m Not Traveling
When I am not traveling, you are likely to find me teaching a Jazzercise class; traveling for my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta; at a local bar with friends; or listening to live music.