Everything was seamless

“Ellen Hoffman planned my honeymoon in Kenya and Tanzania and she was AMAZING to work with! While I usually plan my own travel, I wanted help for my honeymoon since I had plenty to plan leading up to my wedding! You can imagine how nitpicky someone who plans their own travel can be, but Ellen handled all of my thorough questions like a champ! It’s awesome to know that she had actually been to a lot of the places she was recommending to us so she truly knew what we would like.

When I explained that the total package was a bit pricier than I was hoping for, she gave me alternate options and explained why the cost was higher (park fees, all food included etc). On the actual trip, she was very responsive and answered any additional questions that I had while I was there. Everything was seamless and easy on the trip. It was great not to have to think about any logistics at all since everything was already set up! I highly recommend [this company], specifically Ellen. Thanks again Ellen! :)”

5 out of 5
Africa Endeavours
Dmitriy G