What To Know

Getting Here
The main international airport is on Mahé. All flights within the Seychelles arrive and depart from Mahé.  Air Seychelles flies directly to Mahé from Heathrow; Air France flies via Paris, and Emirates flies via Dubai.

Getting Around
With relatively short travelling times between the islands and/or places of interest, different modes of transportation and with a regular network of air and sea transportation operating out of the principal island, Mahé, moving around in Seychelles is easy and hassle-free.

With an average temperature of 81ºF, it is rarely too hot and almost always perfect beach weather. When it does rain, the showers are brief, lasting just a couple of hours and are often localized to one island or just an area of an island. Driest months are between May and September, wettest months are November, December and January – but even during those months there is plenty of sunshine.

Things to Do:
Beaches and swimming: The majority of beaches in the Seychelles are fantastic all year round, looking stunning and offering great swimming. That said, if you have your heart set on staying at a property on the south-west of Mahe or Praslin, you may wish to stay during the months of October – April, when the waves on Mahe’s gorgeous southwestern beaches will be calmer making swimming safer, and there will be far less seaweed on Praslin’s south/southwest coast.

Surfing and windsurfing are best during the southeast trade winds from May to September when winds and waves combine to offer a much more exciting experience.

Honeymoons are fantastic at any time – but if you feel small children may spoil the mood somewhat, you might wish to avoid visiting during the school holidays in Europe, which cause peak periods in July and August, as well as December, and around Easter.

Sailing is great all year round, though the stronger winds between May and October may offer more exciting conditions for some while those looking for a peaceful cruise from beach to beach might prefer conditions between October and April. The Seychelles Sailing Cup is held in January, the Beau Vallon Regatta in October and the International Fishing Competition in November.

Snorkelling and scuba diving are great all year round, and dive operators will know which are the best sites for visibility at any one time of year. That said, the best all round underwater conditions can be found during April-May and October-November when visibility can top 90 feet and the water temperature can be as warm as 84ºF.

Bird Watching is best between the months of April to October. April is the breeding season for birds in the Seychelles, May to September is the nesting season for the terns and October is the main migration period.