What To Know

Getting Here
Rwanda shares land borders with Burundi, the DRC, Tanzania and Uganda. International flights will land at the international gateway in Kigali. From there, Rwandair (www.rwandair.com) has a regular connection between Kigali and Entebbe, Kigali and Nairobi, Kigali and Kilimanjaro (near Arusha in Tanzania), and Kigali and Johannesburg.

Getting Around
Road transfers are available and Parc des Volcans (Volcanoes National Park) is a scenic drive from the capital with a well-trained driver guide. Main roads are generally good, but travel is much slower than on European or American roads. Secondary roads are of variable quality and often slow and bumpy especially around the gorilla parks.

Rwanda’s climate is made up of two wet seasons and two dry seasons. The short wet season lasts from October-November, and the main rainy season lasts mid-March to the end of May. During the dry seasons, which last from December to mid-March and from June to the end of August, frequent light cloud cover yields a pleasant, never stifling, temperature.

Health & Safety
Basic precautions should be taken, as in all countries, and common sense used. Do not carry excessive jewellery and money or leave them lying around. Use safe deposit boxes where available; secure travel documents and valuables. Do not walk unescorted at night. If in doubt seek advice from your guide.

Avoid deserted areas, particularly at night. Dress-down when exploring the city. Concealed travel wallets are recommended. Avoid taking pictures of anything connected with the government or military, including army barracks, land or people close to army barracks, government offices, banks, ports, train stations and airports.

Rwanda falls into the yellow fever region of Africa. It is important that you obtain a Yellow Fever vaccination no less than 10 days prior to travel.

More info on vaccinations:
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