Kenya Must-See Places: Safari Parks, Reserves, Top Destinations

Kenya’s wide-open plains and rocky outcrops set the stage for a truly dramatic wildlife safari. These landscapes are home to wildlife on a grand scale: from the millions of wildebeest crossing the Masai Mara during the Great Migration, to the large herds of elephants browsing the plains, to the impressive lion prides prowling their domain.

Here are our must-see places in Kenya, from world-famous attractions to hidden gems. Use our interactive map to help plan your trip to Kenya, and get in touch with our African safari experts to start planning the vacation of your dreams!

Best Safari Parks and Reserves in Kenya

Masai Mara National Reserve

See the Great Migration in this world-famous safari destination! (July and August are the best months to see river crossings.) We recommend avoiding the crowds by staying in one of the private game reserves bordering Masai Mara National Reserve.

Amboseli National Park

This popular park features large tusker elephants and views of Mt Kilimanjaro, which makes a perfect backdrop for photos!

Tsavo East & West

Together, these two national parks make up 4% of Kenya’s land. While Tsavo does have all of the Big 5, the game is not as dense as it is in other parks, which makes for a more wild and authentic safari experience.

Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley in Kenya and Tanzania is home to beautiful scenery, abundant rhinos, and lakes where millions of flamingos gather each year.

Lake Nakuru used to be the hub for these massive flamingo sightings, but in recent years, the flamingos have left and dispersed to other lakes in the Great Rift Valley. Ask our Africa travel experts about the best place to see flamingos during your trip.

Laikipia Plateau

The Laikipia region features classic Out of Africa scenery, excellent rhino sightings, and cultural encounters with local Maasai and Samburu tribes.

Samburu National Reserve

This classic northern Kenya reserve is home to most of the Big 5 (excluding rhino) and features several species unique to the area, including Grevy’s Zebra and Reticulated Giraffe. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet members of the local Samburu tribes.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is the only safari park in Africa where you can see animals and high-rise buildings in the same scene! While Nairobi National Park does not have any elephants and certainly won’t be the highlight on your safari circuit, it does make a great stop at the beginning of your trip, since you will likely be flying into Nairobi. The famous Giraffe Manor hotel is nearby in Karen.