Chobe River Water Safari

Happy new year, everyone! Candice here—I hope this post finds you all well!

With a new year upon us, I’ve been reflecting on all the amazing travel experiences I had in 2015. One of my highlights was the short time spent at Ngoma Lodge in Chobe National Park. With just 8 private suites, the lodge is a luxurious way to experience this famed park. It is also located on the western side of Chobe, which has fewer visitors than the east, allowing more intimate game viewing while experiencing a land safari.

African wildlife safari - Chobe River safari

However, the absolute highlight (and what Chobe is so famous for) was my water safari on the Chobe River. Within the first few minutes, I was excited to see a couple of elephants in the distance. As we embarked further on down the river, those couple of elephants turned into a couple hundred. I had never seen so many in my life! Feeding, playing, swimming! It was the most amazing sight. The most exciting part, however, was when a breeding herd swam right by our boat. I could have touched them—we were so close!

Besides the amazing elephant experiences, we also saw a ton of hippos both in and out of the water. I learned that seeing hippos outside of water is quite rare, but happens often in Chobe. We also saw a buffalo separated from his herd, swimming for dry land, and a crocodile in hot pursuit! Luckily for the buffalo, he narrowly made it ashore (not so lucky for the croc).

African wildlife safari - Chobe River safari

African wildlife safari - Chobe River safari

I was really astonished by my experiences at Chobe. I just couldn’t believe the amount of wildlife in such a small area. Needless to say, I can’t wait to send more clients that way, especially if they love elephants! It is really a must do for any safari-goer and not to be missed.

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