The Advantages of Using a Travel Advisor

There is incredible value in hiring a travel advisor to plan your dream vacation. These days, so much information is accessible online that it can seem easy to book hotels and tours on your own. However, there are many advantages to using our white-glove service to plan your trip.

1: We are the experts in the destinations in which we specialize.

Some travel agencies have packaged, set itineraries for travel all over the world. We specialize in just a few special destinations where we are truly the experts: We’ve walked the streets, picked the tour guides, felt the difference between the B&B and 5* hotel, and tasted the local cuisine. We will only recommend hotels and tours that we’ve experienced ourselves and know you will enjoy.

We truly get to know each of our clients’ special interests and desires and design a handcrafted trip just for them. Using our extensive on-the-ground knowledge, you will experience your destination like a local, and your custom itinerary will be packed with insider tips.

2: We will get you value for your money.

There are some “extras” that only we know about. Hotels and tour companies create special value adds, especially with us, that we will include in your itinerary. For example, you can Stay three nights and only Pay two in some fabulous destinations around the world during specific seasons.

We will work around your budget. We will recommend where you should save on your trip and where you should splurge (because we’ve experienced it!).

And we throw in some special surprises as well. 🙂

3: We will manage all aspects of your itinerary.

It may seem online like planning a trip is as simple as reserving a hotel and tour, but there are countless other behind-the-scenes intricacies that we will handle for you. From recommending which immunizations you need to guide you through the travel insurance process, we’ve done this countless times and will do all of this and more for you.

Our service begins in the initial planning stages and continues through detailed final documents before you depart to on-the-ground 24-hour service while you’re traveling all the way until you’re home.

There are many aspects of the itinerary we will manage for you that you may not have considered: For example, you will always have a driver waiting for you when you arrive at a new destination (unless we’ve arranged a rental car or if you prefer to take local transportation).

4: In case of emergency (or if you just want to chat about your trip), you have a contact both at home and in-country when traveling.

We are available throughout the entire trip-planning process in your local time zone. We are easy to reach via phone and email, whatever is easiest for you. When you’re traveling, we have a local contact in each country who is well-versed in your itinerary and available for anything that may come up. We also have a US-based emergency line available 24-7.

5: We will guide you through the uncertainty of traveling in today’s climate.

We will help you navigate everything that could come up unexpectedly around your trip: managing border restrictions due to COVID-19, constantly changing airline policies, and staying on top of each hotel and tour’s safety and sanitization protocols.

We will recommend the best flight routing and timing to secure your flights, which is especially tricky today. We are continuously monitoring airline policies and changing routes.

When countries shut their borders in March 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we brought each of our traveling clients home safely, working closely with each client, our offices in each country, and the airlines. Our clients enjoyed the last parts of their trip instead of waiting on hold with an airline to make changes. We handled all of the logistics.

You never know when an emergency will come up, and it’s invaluable to have an agent at your service in your current time zone during an unexpected time like this.

6: It’s an important trip – trust the experts.

Most people take one big trip a year. It’s a big investment, and it’s important to make the most of your time and money. Trust the experts to make it unforgettable!