Could not be more pleased

Africa Endeavours arranged a 3-week African adventure for my husband and me. After taking the time to learn about us and what we like in a vacation, Africa Endeavours hand crafted the most fabulous itinerary, which included stays in Cape Town and the surrounding wine country in South Africa, a safari in eastern South Africa, then on to Mozambique, and finally a couple days in Dubai.

Until we landed in Cape Town, we had no idea just how incredible this journey would be. It started the moment we stepped off our plane. We were greeted by our personal and private tour guide, and we were delighted to learn she would be with us throughout our stay in Cape Town and wine country. She knew our itinerary better than we did and we never had to worry or wonder what was next, where we needed to be, what time, etc. That was the case at every destination! There was always someone there to ensure things went smoothly for us. And they did, without fail.

I think it’s clear I could not be more pleased with this once in a lifetime trip AE designed for us. The food in Africa is fabulous, the scenery stunning, but above all, the people are the most warm and welcoming and genuine folks I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

Africa Endeavours, thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to Africa. I know it was a once in a lifetime trip, but I might have to make it a twice or thrice in a lifetime thing! So…what’s next?!


5 out of 5
Africa Endeavours
Sheri T